If I am in the Kinesiology Education program, how long can I expect to complete the program?
Typically you can expect to complete the Kinesiology Education program in about 4 years.

How many students are currently in the Kinesiology program?
We currently have 77 majors in Kinesiology and Recreation Sport Management.

If I do not want to teach physical education but am interested in sports, coaching, and recreation what program options are available to me?
Teaching is just one option in our program. You have the option to major in Recreation and Sport Management with emphasis in any of the following areas: Athletic Training, Kinesiology/ Coaching, Sport Management, or Outdoor Recreation.

What is the average class size in Kinesiology?
Our department boasts of a 17:1 ratio meaning we have approximately 17 students to one teacher.

When I become a student at NNU in the Kinesiology department how will I know what classes to take?
Once you become an officially enrolled student at NNU and declare Kinesiology as your major, you will be assigned an advisor in our Kinesiology Department, currently either Dr. Kim Forseth or Prof. Roger Schmidt. Your advisor will help you register for classes and keep you on track so you can graduate in a reasonable time frame.

What scholarships are available to Kinesiology Majors?
The Fred and Jean Forseth Scholarship. Eligible Students are those students participating in a nonrevenue producing intercollegiate sport other than basketball and majoring in Kinesiology.

The Jarod S. Krohn Memorial Scholarship. Awarded to a major in Kinesiology/Recreation Sport Management. Recipients must have a 2.8 GPA. Recipients may recieve the award in successive years, not to exceed four years.