Recreation And Sport Management B.A.

NNU offers a variety of academic emphasis areas students can pursue as part of their Bachelor of Arts in Kinesiology, including athletic training, kinesiology/coaching, sports management, and outdoor recreation. The Department of Kinesiology also offers a Bachelor of Arts in Kinesiology Education. These areas of study are ideal for preparing students for future leadership, management, and coaching in professional employment environments.

Athletic Training Emphasis (15-16 credits)
Kinesiology/Coaching Emphasis (14-16 credits)
Sport Management Emphasis (15 credits)
Outdoor Recreation Emphasis (14-16 credits)

You can read about the Bachelor of Arts in Kinesiology, including the emphasis areas of study described above, in the NNU Catalog.

Kinesiology Education B.A.

See Secondary Education: 

First Teaching Field
Second Teaching Field
Health Education: Kinesiology

Make them your career with a degree from NNU in Kinesiology.